Innovative Electrical Distribution Solutions
For Residential & Commercial Properties

Hager is the specialist for electrical installations in residential and commercial sectors, you can receive everything from one source: systems and solutions with high quality, reliability and ease of installation as standard.


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Picture of 1SDA051244R1
T3N 250 TMD125-1250 3p F F - ABB

£294.23 excl vat


Picture of 1SDA054319R1
T5N 400 PR221DS-I In=400 3p F F - ABB

£752.09 excl vat


Picture of 1SDA057172R1
T4D 250 3p F F - ABB

£573.26 excl vat


Picture of 1SDA060210R1
T6N 630 TMA 630-6300 4p F F InN=100In - ABB

£1,375.36 excl vat

Sw 100a Tp

Picture of Sw 100a Tp
Sw 100a Tp

£50.33 excl vat

T3d 250 3p F F

Picture of T3d 250 3p F F
T3d 250 3p F F - ABB

£270.68 excl vat