Dorman Smith

With over 130 years of experience in switchgear design and production, Dorman Smith Switchgear Limited continues to provide high quality equipment for low-voltage electrical distribution and circuit protection.

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Picture of LB406YA
Dorman Smith Panelboard 6 Way 400A

£504.13 excl vat


Picture of LD1D16X
Dorman Smith Door Kit 16 Way

£39.48 excl vat


Picture of LD2D04X
Dorman Smith Door Kit 2x4 Way

£40.94 excl vat


Picture of LD2D08X
Dorman Smith Door Kit 2x8 Way

£49.72 excl vat


Picture of LDT116X
Dorman Smith MCB Distribution Board 16Way TP&N

£405.07 excl vat


Picture of LDT204X
Dorman Smith Distribution Board 2 x 4 Way TP&N

£270.40 excl vat


Picture of LEE5
Dorman Smith 5 Module General Purpose Enclosure

£331.84 excl vat

MR42 100/5

Picture of MR42 100/5
Dorman Smith Current Transformer 100/5

£10.80 excl vat

MR45 400-5

Picture of MR45 400-5
Dorman Smith Current Transformer 400-5

£11.40 excl vat


Picture of X1PB06
Dorman Smith X Series 10kA 1-Pole 6A Type B MCB

£12.61 excl vat

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